RiME LITE’s first mobile strobe

We are pleased to present the most advanced integrated studio flash series “i-Flash”

Mobile strobe

Even if its size is small, it is designed to present high performance.

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Wide FND Display with high definition

Photographers can now feel more comfortable while looking at the strobe. A great thing about I -series is to check the status at a long distance (at least 1~2M) due to its big FND display. Adjustments are made with wheels on the back control panel with high resolution color FND screen. At all times, the screen indicates the output level of the flash


Rapid sequence of shots

In typical fast action sports shooting, photographers need Rapid sequence of shots which require high shutter-speed. An advantage of the I-series flash control is that it is possible to perform a rapid sequence of shots. Once you set your camera as Driver Mode and then set I-series strobe as F1 or F2, you will see Rapid sequence of shots


No power cord

I-series is built-in battery strobe. It does not need any power cord. Through the battery status, you can check whether you need to charge battery or not.


Great combination

Mount Speedbox which is optimized for I-series. Setting up Speedbox is much easier than normal softbox. What you need to do is to pull 6 rods. You will need 10 seconds to finish it.


Precision Power control

i-series strobe has two built-in Digital Encoder Systems to allow easier flash control operations. Both these digital encoder systems allow users to adjust flash intensity and modeling lamp brightness in precise values (plus/minus of 0.5 f-stop).


Duration time

The flash duration ranges from 1/12,800 second  In Action mode, the flash duration is minimized for maximum action stopping capability



series has 5W LED modeling light, life span of LED is much longer than normal halogen lamp. LED can continuously be used for 56 hours.


Compact design

I-series look beautiful and light with its aluminum case due to its compact size and light weight I-series is highly customized and designed for expert photographers and even beginners. Compact strobe makes it portable to carry around.



Electrolytic aluminum capacitor used in strobe is small compared with other capacitors and large-capacity every device. Capacitors built in I-series are designed to make charging and discharging faster.


Flash Power(w/s)200400600
S-III High Sync
(Fast Shutter Speed)
Variable Range of Flash6.0 F-stops6.0 F-stops7.0 F-stops
Color Temperature5500(+/-200)5500(+/-200)5500(+/-200)
Power ControlDigital EncoderDigital EncoderDigital Encoder
Flash Duration (0.5t)
1/12,800 : 1/5001/12,800 : 1/5001/12,800 : 1/500
Recycling Time (Sec)0.05~2.80.05~3.90.05~4.2
Modeling Lamp5w LED5w LED5w LED
Separated Model
Sync VoltageDC FuseDC FuseDC Fuse
Weight (kg)
Dimension (L x W x H, mm)293x120x255293x120x255347x120x255
Battery (Li-ion)11.1V 8.8A11.1V 8.8A11.1V 8.8A
ChargerAC 110V~230V input 12.6V 2A outputAC 110V~230V input 12.6V 2A outputAC 110V~230V input 12.6V 2A output
Flash count of one charged battery @max1,000550400
Flash count of one charged battery @min9,0004,5002,000