1981Established Hyundae Photonics Company
1985Developed 'Soft box' Firstly in Korea
1989Started to produce and sell Strobes at first in Korea
1992Started to produce and sell European 'Power Pack' System
1995Developed 'Digital Strobe' firstly in Korea
1996Participated in 'Photokina' (1)
1998Participated in 'Photokina' (2)
1999Developed "Travel (Battery) Pack"
2000Commenced Manufacturing & Marketing ‘Stripe Lights’
Participated in 'Photokina' (3)
2001Merged with 'Ace Photonics Co'
2002Participated in 'Photokina' (4)
2003Developed and produced 'Ace Pyrex/Cover Glass'(Patent)
Participated in ‘PMA 2003 in Las Vegas’
2004Participated in 'Photokina' (5)
2006Launched 'RiME LITE'
Developed “Grand Soft box”
Registered ISO14001 & ISO9001
Participated in 'Photokina' (6)
Participated in ‘Photo World, Dubai'
Developed “DUO Series”
Acquired RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)
2008Developed “Union Series”
Developed “Power Action 6”
Participated in 'Photokina’ (7)
2009Developed “XB PRIME”
Developed “Quadplex”
Developed “HMI-L''
2010Participated in 'PMA’ and ‘Photokina’ (8)
Developed ''Lighting Balloon”,“STORM”and “Swing-I”
2011Launched a website in USA ‘www.rimeliteusa.com’
Developed “Power Action 8”
2012Developed “i2, i4, i6”
Developed “SWING-II”
Participated in 'Photokina' (9)
Developed “SWING-II”
2013Developed “i2, i4, i6”
Developed “SWING-II”
Participated in 'Photokina' (9)
Developed “SWING-II”
2014Developed “F2, F4, F6”
Developed “S-III High Shutter Speed Flash Trigger”
Participated in 'Photokina' (10)
2015Developed “S-Light”
2016Developed “TS-4”
Developed “i4 TTL”
Participated in 'Photokina' (11)
2017Developed “EZ Softbox”
2018Developed “i.Grandbox”
Developed “i6 TTL”
Participated in 'Photokina' (12)