Starting to RiME LITE 2006′


The brand RiME LITE started in 2006 and we are proud to present to you our latest selection of high quality products.
RiME LITE Soft boxes & Diffusers are the result of 26 years of experience in innovative technology. Our light domes and diffusers, Grid Fabric outer casing, and Double Rip Diffusers Standard are made from the development of our very own high performance fabric.


Soft box Series : Durable Standard Fabric and softer metallic coats for inner reflective surfaces combined with our extremely effective diffusers produces the desired lighting effect for any situation.

Rime Grid Fabric Soft box Series : A softer and more finely calibrated inner surface coating has dramatically

increased reflected light, and in combination with a 1/3 grid diffuser, light is fully amplified and light overflow is reduced.

The reduction in weight due to our Grid Fabric, makes transportation and relocation in studio and on location a piece of cake, all this extreme high resistance to heat, makes for the premium lighting tool.
RiME LITE produces Color Softbox series, which are made from N.P. suese, and a wide variety of high quality products, light reflectors and soft box related equipment.

Soft boxes come with a one year guarantee against yellow-staining. RiME LITE is an environmentally conscious company, so we do our best to maintain standards, such as RoHS regulations on all our systems.


Brand Identity


RiME LITE wishes not only to bring flash photography to higher grounds but also to shed light on humanitarian issues. We promise to do our best as a company that generate long-term values to the community and to return part of our profit to the society in the near future.
We also set goals of extending our customer satisfaction management.
The Color Yellow and Green symbolize the ever continuing and renewing prosperity. Thus, our company will work towards satisfying our customers’ need at all times.