Powerful, Easy and Fast

The most powerful and portable i.6TTL assist professional photographers

to make creative photography environment as you imaged anywhere.

i.6 TTL

User-centered design, precise TTL technology,

9.0 F-stops range, Adjustable +/- 3 F-stops,

0.3 increment exposure compensations

Compact and Handheld small size, but powerful DC battery pack (10.8V Lithium Ion 4,400mAh)

supports 380 flashes (i.4 TTL) 280 flashes (i.6 TTL) in Powerful 600Ws output, takes great results in the outdoor shooting,

non-stop flashes with AC supply pack in the studio

More powerful

Easy and Fast professional portable strobe

Flash durations as short as 1/12,800 sec for the freezing-action

Powerful HSS: 1/8,000 performance takes over the sun and controls the background’s brightness

Battery Pack

AC Pack

Instinctive operability!

Optimized control technology allows i.6TTL to be operated easily and quickly,

reliable and built-in powerful 2.4 GHz TS-5 Wireless system is for the perfect TTL harmony with Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and Sony.

20W Powerful LED

AF mode : unique function, AF-Assist Beam mode.

while pressing Camera shutter halfway, High-efficiency LED 20W automatically

turns it on to assist Auto Focus function of Camera in the dark.


Jack Nagi
Jack Sir Photography

Multi Stroboscopic Mode

i.Flash TTL has TTL/Manual/Multi mode,

Multi Stroboscopic Mode, allow to capture creative motions while subject is moving.

The flash output in Multi mode range is 99Hz / 99times.

High Speed Sync 1/8000 sec

1/8000 takes over the sun and controls the background’s brightness,

Flash durations as short as 1/12,800 sec for the freezing-action

Duration time

The flash duration ranges from 1/12,800 second In Action mode,

Durations from 1/450 to 1/12,800 seconds.

The flash duration is minimized for maximum action stopping capability


Quick comprehension! & Easy operation!

Built – in 2.4 GHz wireless system with a range of 110m,

User-interface design TS-5 : controllable slave groups A/B/C/D with 99 channels.

Detachable ‘Dual AC/DC power supply pack’

LIB-2: 10.8Volt 4,400mAh Lithium ion battery pack,

High-efficiency output, allows to flash up to 400 times(i.4TTL) in outdoor,

LIB-2 ACP: Replaceable DC to AC, AC power supply pack in the studio.

LIB-2 ACP1 : AC Power supply pack AC 110 ~130 voltage

LIB-2 ACP2 : AC Power supply pack AC 210 ~ 240 voltage

LIB-2: Lithium-ion battery pack

Modeli.6 TTL
Flash Power600 w/s
F-Stop (m, ISO100) : with RSTN165(Standard Reflector): 45.4
Flash Mode TTL /HSS / M /Multi
Flash Duration (t 0.5) 1/12,800 : 1/450
Color Temperature 5600K( +/- 200 )
Recycling time : with LIB2 (Li-ion battery) 0.01 ~ 2.3sec
Recycling time : with LIB2-ACP1 (110V) 0.01 ~ 2.0sec
Recycling time : with LIB2-ACP2 (220V) 0.01 ~ 1.5sec
Number of flashes (at the Max power) 280
Charging Time2 Hours
Power Range: Manual mode : 8 F-STOP
Power Range: TTL mode : 9 F-STOP
Stroboscopic Flash 99times, 99Hz
Flash Trigger :Manual trigger button, Photocell Sync cable, with built-in TS-5 receiver
Exposure Compensation +/- 3f-stop, 1/3 stop increments
Modeling Lamp 20W LED
Optical Slave S1 ( Manual Mode ), S2 ( TTL Mode )
Display Wide STN-LCD display
Dimensions (without Battery) 125 X 125 X 265
Weight (without Battery) 2.0Kg

Download File
i Flash TTL English