High Speed Sync 1/8000 sec.

Mount S-III to your Canon/Nikon DSLR and enter the High Sync Speed

High Speed Sync is a S- III’s the most advantageous feature that allows flashes to be used with cameras set to any shutter speed.

S-III provides Stop-Action Photography environment by the max 1/8000 (sec) High Sync speed.

Designed for strobe light shaping the Square Softbox series is a multipurpose softbox that delivers an even natural light and ultimate versatility.

Total control: This easily adaptable system is an excellent light shaping tool for all users, whether you are a beginner or a professional photographer. Equipped with our double rip diffusers, the softbox eliminates hot spots and extreme highlights.

Controls up to 96 strobes with just one Swing II transmitter

2.4 Ghz radio frequency

Effective range : up to 120m

Fast Sync Speed : Up to 1/8000 sec. for a focal plane shutter
(Depending on camera & strobe)

Complete flash control – Main power Up/Down, Flash power Up/Down.

16 Group channels & 6 individual channels.

Totally 96 strobe enable to control by just one Swing II transmitter

Sync Speed : Up to 1/8000

Shutter Sync Speed : Up to 1/8000