i.4 TTL

Rimelite creates new lighting system ’ i-flash TTL’   It progressively offers a great experience for the present  photography solution.

Compact size i-flash TTL, embodied all high technologies of  TTL in i-flash TTL.



The fastest and strongest STROBE

XB PRIME can be controlled by a remote control with 2.4 GHz frequency. After holding a remote control, anyone can control STROBE by channel, group, resource of light, function buttons. New controlling way will lead studio people to new photography world.


RiME LITE’s first mobile strobe

Absolutely unique battery lighting system, i series are real professional digital light.

Precise and fast repeatability recharging with stable new Lithium-ion battery, And with a single full charge, the battery can provide the maximum 9,000 flashes (at the lowest power of i.2 model)

The innovative i series can support that photographers can have the greatest performance with fantastic combination of fast recycling time, action freezing flash durations(1/12,800) and cable-free operation.


i2A / i4A / i6A

i.2A, i.4A, i.6A is AC type lighting system of i.2, i.4 , i.6.

In typical fast action sports shooting, photographers need Rapid sequence of shots which require high shutter-speed. An advantage of the I-series flash control is that it is possible to perform a rapid sequence of shots. Once you set your camera as Driver Mode and then set I-series strobe as F1 or F2, you will see Rapid sequence of shots

The flash duration ranges from 1/12,800 second In Action mode, the flash duration is minimized for maximum action stopping capability


Economical Compact Digital Strobe

New f-flash is economical & compact design solution for entry-users.

However, its powerful & precise performance is suitable for professional photography as well.

f-flash is available with hand-held Swing II radio controller.



Most consumers want Strobe

FAME series support the output from 200 to 600w/s. In addition, it equips continuous light function. It can equi SWING-I, so that it makes wireless photograph possible. There is a lot of conditions customers want, but the most ideal strobe is strobe that helps to make good picture easily. Rime lite’s Fame that is designed for this condition has established his own independent domains

Let us introduce upgraded FAME