What are the supplying producedures?

Let’s introduce you our spplying system as followings ;

1. when you give us PO(purchasing order), we will send you PI(proforma invoice).

2. You pay T/T (wire remittance) or open L/C through your bank

3. We will produce all the items you ordered, and ship it on the way you indicated, by Sea, or Air cargo, or Door to door service (especially we can use FedEx with 40% off) for small quantity or emergency case.

4. For A/S, we will add several kits of necessary spare parts, and when you inform us any trouble, we will give you necessary instruction to repair it. All our electrical and electronic parts are easy to repair if you have any connection with normal electrical repairman.

5. Normally our Guarantee covers 2 years, but continued comfortable service for our clients.

To be our distributor is not difficult, but you have to note the followings ;

1. you have to check the possibility to sell our products through on-line or dealer net, and to compete with other brands for studio lighting system.

2. it would be better if you can prepare a on-line or off-line shop,

3. and try your best step by step and make your clients to recognize the good product quality, you can get success in near future same as our new distributor in each country.

* OEM Brand has been a minimum production by an estimated 30 per each Item.

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